Starter Package

This fee is taken out of each transaction closed.
$ 400 per Deal closed (Tax deductible)
  • 100% Commission
  • Leads
  • High Tech CRM
  • Investment Training
  • Business Attorney
  • E&O Insurance
  • Transaction Coordinator
  • Property Management
  • 10% Profit Sharing Program
  • Wholesaling

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If you would like more information on what we have to offer please fill out the form to schedule a private email walkthrough. You will learn more about our company and how we can help grow your real estate business. Weekly one on one coaching, advanced investment training, leads, and our 10% commission sharing program are just a few of the benefits we provide. 

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Mission Statement (Shortened)

One thing that sets us apart from most brokerages is the fact that we welcome and train real estate wholesalers. We understand the trade very well and can assist. Remember our end goal is to help cultivate/educate both new and existing real estate investors, we understand that real estate wholesalers play a major role in this, as do real estate agents. Our goal is to work together with both wholesalers and agents to provide more investment opportunities for all groups throughout the country.

Real estate is one of the key ways a society builds wealth. Starting one city at a time. We aim to provide the tools, resources, and education necessary to ensure all of our clients are well equipped to purchase an investment property. We are not just a real estate sales company. We want all of our representatives to be a part of positive change.  

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